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Serving Individuals

I have been teaching and mentoring individuals and facilitating self-discovery groups for over ten years.  Under the umbrella of The Language of Light, I mentor, write, speak, and facilitate gatherings that teach people to know who they are by learning who they’re not.   If you have a desire to undertake or continue the journey, I may be of service.  Here is a sample of the ways you might benefit:


Gatherings –  The Language of Light gathers people together, both in-person and virtually, to teach you who you are by showing you who you’re not.  Upcoming formal gatherings include:


Ego: A Primer

The Nitty Gritty Tool Kit for Career Transition

Beyond the Image Box


Informal gatherings include spirituality circles and discussions groups.  Upcoming topics include:


How Ego Drives Your Life

Dreams-What Are They Telling You?

How to Celebrate the Soul 


Mentoring – I have been committed to discovering Self since I walked into a bookstore in 1989 and purchased a copy of James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh.  It’s been a journey unlike any I could’ve imagined with plenty that wasn’t included in the “brochure.”  Sharing what I’ve learned with others as they travel their individual road is how I serve.  It brings me undefinable joy to be a witness when someone has the courage to remove a layer of false beliefs and lies, revealing more of the light within.  Individual mentoring is available for anyone willing to take the journey.


Writing – I support others as a book coach, contract writer and ghostwriter.  A professional writer of more then ten years, I’ve practiced and taught the craft in a variety of settings.  If you have a project you’d like to discuss, I’m happy to listen.


For more information on any of the ways The Language of Light serves individuals, please e-mail




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