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Serving Businesses

The Language of Light serves the business community in a variety of ways, including:

Consulting – TLOL helps businesses to shed layers of beliefs about what is necessary for success, freeing them to be who they really are.   Authenticity leads to attracting and releasing the perfect employees and clients, increased productivity and unleashing the creativity that leads to visionary choices.

Mentoring –  Through one-on-one interaction, business owners and leaders work with Staci and her associates on their individual journeys of identifying and releasing false beliefs about who they think they are.  The knowing that results enbables them to lead by example and develop a more peaceful and productive work environment.

Presentations – Designed specifically for each business’ needs, TLOL presentations and workshops teach management and staff how to identify and release perceptions that prevent them from experiencing their professional potential.   Interactive and inclusive, these interactions show employees that without awareness, past experiences and future worries color their every thought and choice.  By freeing them to think and choose in the moment instead of the past or future, peace and productivity both increase.

Writing – Conscious language choice allows the light of your message to shine through and attracts those who resonate with and will support your business.  Your authentic messages can be communicated to staff, clients and the public in in articles, books or internal communique.    

With experience in a variety of industries including writing, advertising, construction, human resources, social services, media, spirituality, publishing, accounting, promotion, entertainment, coaching, retail, advocacy and criminal justice, TLOL can serve any business in achieving the goal of becoming more authentic.  Here is a partial list of clients:

Kraft General Foods

Skirt! Magazine for Women

Barnes & Noble.

The Tampa Tribune

International Flavors and Fragrances

Suncoast Hospice

The Life Enrichment Center

Gasparilla Trading Company

American Profile Magazine

Lazy Days RV Center

Capital Connections

Florida Department of Corrections

The National League of American Pen Women

Educational Seminars of America

Stageworks Theater

The Transition Institute

To arrange a consultation or to discuss how The Language of Light may serve your business, please e-mail or call 813-598-1624.


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