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Musings on Truth

BEFORE you were born

You knew the truth

The light of your

Soul blinded darkness

Only the oneness of life

Was your world.


AFTER your birth

You forgot the truth

The weight of ego

Draped your soul

And your fragmented self

Became your god.



BEFORE you were born

You joyously invested

In being a witness

To love and peace

Unable to conjure images

Of pain and suffering.



AFTER your birth

 You invented a game of

 Hide and seek, then

 Madly darted between

 Truth and illusion,

 Fantasy and reality.



BEFORE you were born

There were no worries,

Anxiety or fear – no

Thoughts of gain or loss

No concern of image or

Worth or possession.


AFTER your birth

You decided there was

No need of God,– preferring

To create your own world

Then seeking escape in the

Belief you could change.



BEFORE you were born

You knew only the now,

Portal to the eternal,

The sacred moment.

All that is real.


AFTER your birth

You believed in

Past and future,

Trapped between two

Points that do not exist.



BEFORE you were born

There were no differences,

No judgment, no need

For healing or



AFTER your birth

You built boxes and

Labeled them to keep

Everything and everyone

Separate.  Including yourself.



BEFORE you were born

Your light cut

Through the fog of

Perception bringing only

Love to all it touched.


AFTER your birth,

You were too afraid of

Being hurt, criticized, judged

And rejected to be who

You really are.


BEFORE you were born

You saw not form or body

Or movement or time.

Your only purpose?

To be.


AFTER your birth

You concerned yourself

With hips and thighs, bellies

And breasts – defining

Yourself through them.



BEFORE you die

Undo the lies of false

Beliefs you have layered

Upon your soul so that


AFTER your death

You gently return to

Innocence-whole in

Oneness with He

Who is your source.



I Now Know



Where I once chose to think thoughts, take action and be treated in ways that prevented me from expressing who I am,


I now know sublimating my soul is unnecessary


Where I once equated prosperity with obeying authority, taking advantage of every opportunity, and tolerating what was offered,


I now know abundance.


Where I once labeled others as needy, alone or undeserving,


I now know those judgments reflect who I believe myself to be.


Where I once calculated, manipulated and figured out,


I now know to give way.


Where I once nudged, forced and bullied things into existence,


I now know the power of unfolding.


Where I once dissected, evaluated and analyzed every situation,


I now know to surrender.


Where I once sought opinions and advice from friends, family and colleagues,


I now know to go to God.


Where I once expected reward for hard work and punishment for mistakes,


I now know that reward and punishment are both illusions.


Where I once looked for signs, proof and evidence to validate my intuition,


I now know trust.


Where I once lived in fear of not ever getting what I wanted and in terror of having all I desired,


I now know acceptance.


Where I once beat myself with whips, chains and baseball bats,


I now know forgiveness.


Where I once held onto people and situations that no longer served me while searching for the “gifts” to justify attachment,


I now know that God’s gifts do not require suffering, only receiving in joy.


Where I once ran from that which caused discomfort, uncertainty or doubt,


I now know how to look the lion in the eye.


Where I once carried in my body the weight, weariness and resentment of who I believed I was,


I now know freedom.


Where I once thought a job, bank account or credit card provided for me,


I now know God is my source.


Where I once looked for ways to help, contribute and fix,


I now know to serve.


Where I once knew anxiety, apprehension and worry,


I now know peace.


Where I once traveled between past and future, shrouded in darkness,


I now know the light of this moment.


Where I once perceived myself to be less than, in need of everything and not worthy of receiving anything,


I now know I AM an extension of God.


Where I once saw bodies, differences and separation,


I now know the connection of ONENESS.


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