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This Moment


In this moment God is here and

Love is present. 

Acceptance washes away

Suffering and the sacred cycles of

Birth, growth, death and rebirth

Flow into and out of one another

In fluid motion – with no

Judgment, only Being, Awareness

Forever changing me, forever uniting

In understanding that God

Is here, love is present

Light shines, peace exists.

In this moment.


All I Ever Need


Cradle me in this moment God

Lift me above the turmoil of thought

Settle my mind

Quiet my heart.

Illuminate my soul

With the light of truth

The madness of expectation

The whisper of your grace.

Keep me from searching

Denying the NOW

Let me be present

In Your stillness.

Teach me to love

For the sake of loving.

Encourage me to ask

For what I want while remembering

I am owed nothing.

Remind me that safe passage

On this journey is an illusion.

Open my eyes to your pure benevolence

To the gifts in every

Experience, relationship, and presence I encounter.

Bathe me in the understanding

That peace is the result of

Surrender. Trust. Acceptance.

My faith and Your grace

Are all I ever need.







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