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Thoughtful words ~ Original art


In early 2009, a friend suggested I put some of the Haiku I write on Yoga T-shirts. 

Blessed with a talented graphic designer who suggested I paint the backgrounds to stay aligned with the organic process of writing Haiku (the ancient form of Japanese poetry that uses three unrhymed lines with 5-7-5 syllables), he then created amazing works of art that are now on select items – T-shirts, note cards, tote bags, mugs and mousepads –  designed to shine light wherever you go.


Now, we collaborate with companies and organizations that bring light, beauty, and truth into the world and communicate the essence of their mission or project in 17 syllables. Combined with original art, we create a design that can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotional items, employee incentives, fundraising, and branding.  The designs are also being used to support marketing campaigns and to anchor messages with employees.


If you’re interested in learning how we can create a customized Haiku and design for you, e-mail  Or wear your inspiration by browsing the store and purchasing something if it resonates with you.



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