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Books by Staci B

The Fifth Goddess

The Fifth Goddess

At last, a story of a woman’s self-discovery that doesn’t end with her finding the right man and living happily ever after! There are no quick fixes, no knight in shining armor, but there is empowerment and healing. The reader quickly becomes invested in this story; the writing is of such high quality. The Fifth Goddess is intelligent, brutally honest and a book I’m very happy to recommend highly. — Catie Gosselin –

Where Fat Girls Haven't Gone

Where Fat Girls Haven't Gone

Plus-sized actress Giletta Montrose is thrilled when she lands a gig to host a new reality show called Where Fat Girls Haven’t Gone. While enjoying the show’s weekly stunts, such as kayaking around the New York Harbor, starring in a music video and playing competitive sports, Giletta learns to navigate the broad egos, intricate politics and false friendships she encounters. Ecstatic to finally be in front of the camera, Giletta is not as surprised as everyone else when the show becomes a hit. But with success lighting her path, she can no longer ignore her dream to grace the boards of Broadway and must choose between following her heart or her bank account.


The Nitty Gritty Tool Kit For Career Transition

Stop spending hours searching the net!  Get everything you need for a successful job search in one interactive package AND change your perception about being laid off with The Nitty Gritty Tool Kit For Career Transition!

You deserve a position that fulfills your practical needs AND provides you with a sense of accomplishment and joy. This interactive workbook takes you step-by-step through the journey necessary to determine your Career Joy Quotient©.  You’ll not only discover what kind of job is a match for you but also develop an overall presentation (resume, interviewing skills, letter writing, etc.) that enables you to get it!

Available as an E-Book for  $9.95 – for information e-mail


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