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Art by Staci B

Over a year ago, I found myself writing Haiku – the Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines containing 5-7-5 syllables – during my spiritual practice.


 In sharing them with friends, I was encouraged to find a way to pass them on.  My inner artist responded with glee and I began creating decorative placks, wall hangers and magnets containing the Haiku.


I get incredible joy from making them and now I have a shop at Etsy where you can glimpse what I do and purchase something if it resonates with you.


Where are you going
With your eyes cast down?  Look up
And see who you are!



One Response to “Art by Staci B”

  1. I just browsed thru the site. I love what you are doing with this! You have my full support. ( =

    Here is my attempt at Haiku…

    you have the vision
    to see and the power to
    do within reach. go!

    Did I get that right? LOL!

    I dabble a wee bit with poetry myself. Some you can find on my personal myspace…

    Much Love and Respect My Friend,

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