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About TLOL & Staci B.


The Language of Light

Waking Up the Soul Through Mentoring, Writing, Speaking & Advocacy

Based on perception, every life experience either adds a layer to who you think you are or dismantles another belief so you know better who you really are.  Through this process, you begin to recognize your Self.  The purpose is no longer to “change,” but rather to claim. 

A socially responsible business, The Language of Light has one mission: Serving others so they may “know who they are by learning who they’re not.”   From books to blogs, speaking to spirituality circles, art to advocacy, and teaching to transforming , all endeavors support the mission.

 We work with individuals and organizations to facilitate “knowing”  in many different capacities, including mentoring, teaching, coaching, writing and speaking.  Clients include hippies, corporate executives (both current and escaped), liberals, conservatives, ex-cons, college grads, high school drop outs, CEOs, blue collar workers, the very rich, the homeless, non-profits, for-profits, capitalists, socialists and Libertarians.  There is no one alive with whom we can’t find a connection.

For more information about how we serve Businesses, click here

For more information about how we serve Individuals, click here

If we can be of service in any way, please e-mail us at

Be light!

Staci Backauskas


One Response to “About TLOL & Staci B.”

  1. Great “Wallowing” Article (re: Linked In) !

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend! ~ K

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