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Love to the Haters


For months now, I have received comments on this blog that I have chosen not to post.  Many might perceive them as mean and hateful, but each one of them has provided the opportunity to surrender another layer of lies I’d told myself about who I was.  The “buttons” they pushed were brought into the light where I was able to acknowledge they were illusions.  Today I approved each and every one of those comments, which are now available for public consumption by clicking on the “comment” link underneath the blog titles.  Why?  Because they don’t mean anything.  And I now understand that at a level I’ve never known before.  So here’s some love for the “haters” – you help me to know mySelf.


2 Responses to “Love to the Haters”

  1. There are people out there who at a particular moment (or maybe all the time) are so full of vitriol and anger that they need to get it out. You’re putting yourself out there, and in doing so becoming a target for their wrath. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let the turkeys get you down. : )

  2. Love to the Haters, baby! Love to the Haters! Cause without them, how could we ever truly be sure of what is important to us?
    It takes ENORMOUS strength, courage, LITE and LOVE to stay true to WHO and WHAT we ARE in THIS moment, when and while those who are stuck in the past (their own) fight and plot to try and bring us back to where they are still!
    Not to mention the fact that more often than not, their weakness and fear is displayed in their lack of ability to reveal their true identity! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out! Especially when they can’t seem to help themselves….using the same exact language and sentiment to reveal their OWN OLD demons (that still seem to possess their souls).
    Bless the haters in their hatred and vileness, for it is here in the darkness, where the light of truth can shine brighter than ever!~

    Shine on girl…shine on!

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