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Back On Track


I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted.  Sometimes life re-sorts our priorities and the best any of us can do is make decisions about what’s important in that moment and then let it go.  With family in town, family in the hospital, business growing, friends I want to spend time with, fun that needs to be had, and interesting interactions with insurance adjusters, engineering firms and various government agencies, I’ve received a lot of gifts and learned a lot of lessons over the last few weeks.  Perhaps some will resonate with you.

1.  Secrets kill – your spirit, your body, your mind.  Tell someone a secret and enjoy the freedom.

2.  Loving someone doesn’t mean you trust them.  Being able to separate love and trust ensures sanity.

3.  When someone who once knew you says vicious things and it doesn’t touch you, it is cause for celebration.

4.  As my friend Joyce says, “If you can beat me rockin’, you can have my chair.”  Own where you stand – you’ve done the work to be there.

5.  Sometimes, you move like Uncle Joe – at the junction, Petticoat Junction – and that’s OK.  Much more gets accomplished by accepting the moment exactly as it is than ever gets done beating yourself up.

6.  Always write things down – you think you’ll remember . . . you probably won’t.

7.  Under the most dire of circumstances, there is not ever a need to be mean, malicious, or hateful.

8.  The peace is always beneath the chaos if you’re willing to see it.

9.  Not taking care of yourself is the quickest way to anger, resentment, blame, confusion, doubt, and fear.  Finding a way to nurture yourself is the quickest way to find calm, peace, joy, and centeredness.

10.  There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to remember what matters.


4 Responses to “Back On Track”

  1. I absolutely love this list. I can totally relate to a few in particular. And best of all, you’ve inspired me to write my own personal list to remind myself of the good things to wake up to every day! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for this Staci. I needed the reminders, and it helps to know that other bright, nice people go through the same stuff. Hugs!

  3. Having experienced so much of this with you, all I can say are thanks and Amen!

    Love, Mom

  4. Yep! The OCEAN is downright breath-taking! Powerful beyond measure, flexible beyond comparison, fluid and constantly in motion, while remaining where it belongs and being true to who it is!

    Rock on with yo bad self! Rock on!

    P.S. Thanks for sharing your “gifts” with us…whether on the phone, in the books or haiku (which rock, b.t.w.!), or on your blog! Sometimes, the words and meanings touch such a deep place within me, I can’t comment or respond. I want to, but find myself “floating” in an ocean of reality!

    Love ya girl! Keep on keepin…

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