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How much crap do you swallow every day?

crap cartoon

When did America become a society of dung beetles?  We swallow so much crap on a daily basis and I’m trying to understand why.  Is it because we’ve created such a non-stop world for ourselves that if breathing weren’t an autonomic bodily function, we’d die because we didn’t have time to inhale?  Or is it because we believe that it takes too much energy to “fight city hall” and have determined that swallowing crap is just easier?

Here are some of the things I’m tired of swallowing:

1.  The ridiculous, time-consuming Captcha Project that has become a royal thorn in my butt at Yahoo and other sites.  Seriously.  I’m an intelligent woman.  So why do I get the character strings wrong on average of 50% and then have to squint to see the new one, JUST so I can send a freaking e-mail.  You’re telling me with all the technology available that they can’t figure out how to better identify spam other than making sure it’s not me?

2.  Food companies that think they can keep the price of their products the same when they’ve shrunk them to a size that wouldn’t feed a family of Thumbelinas.  A woman behind me on line at CVS the other night had two cartons of Edy’s Ice cream, whose former half-gallon containers have been reduced to little more than a pint – but still cost over $5.  As we stared at her cookie dough ice cream, dwarfed by the mints and magazines on the counter, she swore she was going to call them to complain. I hope she starts a campaign.

3.  Greedy inconsiderate companies that spam me with faxes about aluminum siding and health insurance, and then have no contact information on their propaganda other than another FAX number.  Makes me want to scream – especially when I forget to unplug the fax machine at night and their robot-dialers call me at 3 a.m.

4.  The brilliant tech geeks who sit around in their underwear dreaming up viruses and ways to hack into my computer because they’re too lazy and apathetic to use their powers for good.  Yeah, that’s the way to “get” the man.  If you want to be a rebel, there are better ways than to punish those who are not a part of your Roswell conspiracy theories.  If you want to really put your talents to use, see #1.

5.  The fact that good service – whether at a restaurant, shop, or God forbid on the phone with someone – is something for which I’m grateful.  Come on!  It should be expected, not praise worthy.  We have gotten so complacent with companies like Verizon, who has to have the worst customer service ever, that when someone offers us service that’s mildly above mediocre, we’re singing their praises as if they’ve given us a piggyback ride through a minefield while belting “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” in tune.

Maybe we’ve gotten lazy.  Maybe we just don’t care anymore.  But as the words to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” echo in my mind, I hope we find a way to change.  Because the road raging, alcohol guzzling, Big Mac binging group of people we’re becoming because of the all the crap we swallow every day will eventually cause us to implode over something completely insignificant like Starbucks forgetting the second spoonful of sugar in our morning coffee.


4 Responses to “How much crap do you swallow every day?”

  1. Here is another take on “crap”, openly stolen from Hal Becker’s article in the TBBJ last week.

    CRAP stands for:
    C = Caring
    R = Relationships
    A = Attitude
    P = Passion

    I love it. So I wish you CRAP every day!!!

  2. Somehow America became a country that makes nothing, has no pride in the services it provides. We’ve become a nation of salespeople – always looking to sell a product – which is nothing more than more intrusion into privacy – and amounts to racketeering. (“we wouldn’t want something bad to happen to you because you didn’t buy our service/protection.”)
    As we accelerate further away from the creative, or making process, we find that there is nothing we can do but sell an idea spawned in an office filled with profit driven MBAs.
    There is no customer assurance anymore, there is no consumer protection, there is no regulation on how corporations can abuse its customers while raising prices and diminishing quality.
    Small movements of creative people need to network to keep alive the spirit of pride in making, while strengthening and supporting our communities.

  3. Get. A. Job.

  4. You are such a hypocrite. You have never experienced life, yet here you are acting as someone who knows what people are experiencing. When has someone ever truly loved you, without boundaries? Never.
    When have you ever been thin, and normal looking. Never.
    When have you ever been truthful about your life. Your grandfather never touched you. Never.
    It’s too late for you. You seem to be the poster child for a lost cause, like the Beale sisters. Living in your own little world, unaware- and happily so- of the reality of life.

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