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Where Are You Justifying Yourself?


The other morning I flipped to a random page of Jesus: Life Coach, a book I’d recently finished, but didn’t feel “done” with. My eyes landed on the question, “Where have you justified your actions with others?” When I answered a few weeks ago, I wrote, “No where.”

Perhaps my eyes were meant to land on the opposing page, I reasoned. I glanced at the words on the other side, but was drawn back to that question. Asked and answered, I thought – apparently not.

As I stared at my own handwriting, I realized it wasn’t others I was justifying my behavior to – it was myself. How many times had I justified that something or someone was more important than the commitments I’d made to me?

Not long after this epiphany, I watched myself do it again. In the middle of stretching, my cell rang – and I answered it. The next day, I observed myself justify that a client call needed to be made before I spent my time in quiet contemplation.

Being led to that particular page provided the opportunity for awareness, and ultimately, change. I returned to the chapter in Laurie Beth Jones’ amazing book that honestly and openly discusses why Jesus is such a Master Teacher. “Let your ‘yes’ be your yes and your ‘no’ be your no,” wrote the apostle James. Jesus just was – he never justified his actions or his words.

There is no reason to justify who I am or what I need. And there is no reason to justify to myself why someone or something else should come before that. Because justification of any kind comes from ego and prevents me from being aligned with Source. It comes from doubt, fear, and anxiety. It twists me up inside and creates an energy that often leads to self-destructive behavior. It brings no joy.

A friend recently reminded me, “Joy is how you know you’re aligned with God’s will.” I intend to remember that.


2 Responses to “Where Are You Justifying Yourself?”

  1. You are a talentless hack. Worthless waste of space. Consider the alternatives.

  2. Two words. Get phucked.

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