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Are You Prepared for “Yes”?


Recently I had the opportunity to submit a proposal to a colleague who has become a friend. After organizing my thoughts and notes, I prepared a thoughtful and reasonably priced proposal. Then, I agonized over each little detail. I changed the format three times. The price four. Finally, I mustered my inner entrepreneur, said a prayer, and hit send.

The thoughts that followed were a feeding frenzy for ego:

Your price was way too high.
You’ve blown it.
She’s never going to pay you that much for this.
You’ve asked for too much.

And on and on and on.

The gift I found in the midst of the barrage was the awareness of how often I prepare for “no.” As I thought back to all the times I’ve submitted a proposal or asked for something, I saw clearly that my initial inner dialogue was all about dealing with “rejection,” preparing a “defense” that would change someone’s mind, or mediating a conflict.

So I asked myself, “Why not prepare for yes?”

Every time I become aware of a thought that prepares me for no, I immediately change it to “you’ve done your best; if this is meant to be, it will.” And then I move on.


One Response to “Are You Prepared for “Yes”?”

  1. Wow, I love this. I do the same. Getting ready to launch a business and I am way too prepared for no. I think I shall make a conscious effort to change my thoughts, and prepare for yes!

    P.S. Linked from Twitter

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