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Keep On The Grass


In the dream, I am standing at the top of a steep hill. Directly in front of me is a long slope of lush grass inviting me to tumble and cartwheel to the bottom. At an angle to the left is a gloomy path covered in tree roots and bramble. My mind says that the destination is more quickly reached by taking the second route, but my soul longs to somersault down the cool green carpet.

After contemplating the options, I choose the path littered with tree roots and promptly turn my ankle. I forge ahead, remembering it is the faster way. Soon after, I get scared and scramble back to the grass where I take comfort in the cool softness.

It’s not long before the mind kicks in again – now that you’ve rested, it’s going to be faster if you go the other way. I am unable to choose. Trapped in the merry-go-round of logic and reason, I stay where I am.

Upon waking, I asked mySelf what I needed to learn from the dream. This is what I heard: The destination has already been determined. How you get there is up to you.

I spent years tripping over tree roots, only to crawl back to the grass and collapse. As soon as the bruises were healed, my mind took over, insisting that I was strong enough to handle the shorter path and that it would get me “there” faster.

I’m learning to stay on the grass. Out of the mind. In the soul. And you?


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