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Beautiful Lessons from an “Ugly” Economy


My friend Fawn Germer ( asked this question for a blog she was working on: “What are the lessons you’ve learned in this economy?” I had no idea I’d been gifted with so many. Here is my response to her.

I’ve remembered that cycles are a part of life – winter, spring, summer, fall – and that each season has its beauty.  It’s only ego that tells you otherwise.  I’ve learned at a deeper level the difference between need and want.  I’ve been reminded of the truth – that I always have plenty, and when I slip into a mindset other than that, fear and panic end up creating lack.  I’ve discovered the roots of gratitude for the amazing people in my life, the home I live in, and the ability to express myself.

I’ve been led to serve those who may be hurting and share what I have – like a pot of homemade soup with the homeless men near the Interstate.  I’ve shown myself I’m capable of experiencing what I perceive as “less” without feeling shame or deprivation.  I’ve retained the ability to treat myself to some of the material experiences that make me happy – like a pedicure and good Chinese food – even if part of it is paid for with coins.

I have transcended shadows of beliefs I’ve carried about success and what I’ve told myself it means.  I’ve released another layer of emotional attachment to money and see it more for what it is – a form of energy that means nothing unless I say it does.  I’ve found ways to have fun and relax that don’t require enormous expenditures.  I have received payments for work and a bounty of meals and gift cards from friends and family whose only motivation was to share joy or express gratitude.

I have looked my ego in the eye and denied its existence. I have refused to tumble down the rabbit hole of thought and worked diligently to stay centered in the light within.  I have been able to stay in the moment, refusing to live in the past or future. I have allowed the fear of disappointing my father, of being seen as irresponsible, of feeling less than for not wanting to sell my soul for a paycheck to be seen for the absurd notions they are. I have become even more diligent about record keeping and honestly facing those to whom I “owe” money.  I have heard the chain stoking of the belief that I cannot be who I am and prosperous simultaneously.

I have been reminded that my source is not a client, a job or a person.  It is Source.  And my only “job” is to ask for guidance, be open to hearing the answers and to follow direction.  I understand the sages and wise ones in a way I never could before.  I know it’s possible to remain neutral no matter the appearance.  I know how to find the peace beneath the chaos. And you can’t know how to do that without the chaos.

Please share your lessons by commenting.


One Response to “Beautiful Lessons from an “Ugly” Economy”

  1. I’ve learned that my attitude impacts everyone I come into contact with. When I am focusing on how I can help others through work and communication, the helpful attitude ripples through my immediate community and into other communities.

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