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“I had a plan,” said my friend who admitted to feeling like a failure because she bought a carton of cigarettes this morning. The plan was to alternate between her new smokeless cigarette and the real thing in an attempt to wean herself from regular cigarettes. She had promised herself the last carton she’d purchased was really the last. The fact that she bought another left the door wide open for her ego to convince her she’d failed.

The problem wasn’t the smokeless cigarette or even the real ones. The problem was the plan. Plans and goals of any kind are nothing but a device created by the ego. They’re opportunities for us to either feel ‘special’ or like a failure, both of which ultimately create chaos.

With plan making and goal setting come expectations. Whether they’re expressed or not, they are there. By trying to control how you get what you say you want, you’ve set yourself up for either major disappointment, which can torture you for quite a while or momentary elation, which ends as soon as you identify the next thing that needs to be done.

Why not create an intention and see where it takes you? The first stop will most likely be seeing just how much you think you can control things. More ego games. The truth is you can’t control anything except your responses. But if you’re able to let the need for control go and sit in silence, your intuition will guide you in fulfilling your intention.

Instead of madly writing lists, setting goals and making plans, why not spend that energy being still? Meditate. Eyes closed. Your mind set to “receive” rather than “transmit.” When you let yourself hear what yourSelf has to say, you’ll not only take the next step toward getting what you want, you’ll be at peace with the decision. There won’t be room for “should I have” or “could I have?” There will be no vacillation. There will be no doubts. No open doors for ego to beat you up, call you names or try to convince you that you are anything other than who you really are – love and light.

Forget the plan – FTP. Trust the intention. And enjoy the journey.


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