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Do you remember your dreams? I spent years struggling to remember every detail and then faithfully recorded them in a journal. Afterwards, I’d look up the meaning of the most prominent components and try to piece together meaning from the various definitions – like an abstract rebus puzzle. What does it really mean if you see a broken washing machine, a monkey, a peacock, and a rat in a room of the basement? Who knows.

In the quest to know Self, I thought dreams were important clues. I studied Freud, Jung and a variety of others in an attempt to “understand” their purpose and to meaning. I even tried lucid dreaming.

At this point, I see my dreams merely as the output of subconscious processing. Fears. Worries. The occasional hope. I also have a very simple method for quickly understanding what they mean. When I awake in the morning, dreams still stuck to the cobwebs in my mind, I take several deep breaths and clear my head of the details. I then say, “What do I need to learn from this dream?”

Inevitably, I receive an insight or guidance of some kind. Quick. Simple. No hours of journaling or analysis. The answer is always there, even if I don’t want to hear it in that moment. The only caveat is that sometimes you won’t like what’s revealed. If you can sit with it, though, it will lead to removing another layer of who you think you are so you can know better who you really are.

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