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And the journey begins . . .


No journey ever ends the way you think it will when you start it. The journey that began today with the swearing in of Barak Obama and Joe Biden will not end in Nirvana, as some may hope. It does, however, have the potential to move us toward something more peaceful and prosperous. If we’re all willing to do our part.

Finally, a leader who says, “this isn’t my job alone.” At last, someone at the helm of the government who is honest about the challenges we face and what it will take to meet and overcome them. The question is, are Americans really ready to respond to the call? Are we prepared to examine our own lives and ask how we can be better? The work is challenging. The commitment intense. The rewards immeasurable.

Americans, and hopefully the world, have an opportunity to take part in a planetary Renaissance. If we choose, we each can participate in creating a world that includes rather than isolates, demonstrates compassion instead of disdain, and replaces fear with love. Nirvana? Perhaps. Possible? We’ll never know if we don’t try.

What I do know is that we cannot pin the responsibility of the results solely on Barak Obama. His leadership will be a critical component, but we all have a role in the outcome. If we don’t respond to the call, taking responsibility for our own thoughts, words, and actions, we will continue to regress, moving further away from unity.

And by the way . . . thank you, George Bush. Thank you for making the choices you did that brought this country together in a way that we haven’t experienced in my lifetime. Yes, those decisions came with a price tag. Ultimately, though, they resulted in millions of Americans feeling inspired, connected and rejuvenated in a new definition of patriotism – once that celebrates the diverse melting pot this country has always been.

It is a new day – Clean slate. Fresh start. Do-over – Will you embrace it?

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