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Course in Miracles-Reverb


I began doing Course work a year ago.  Coming to it after nearly 20 years of forging a spiritual path, I have found the level of debrisment excruciating at times.  There have been moments during the last twelve months where I felt insane.  I’d get online madly searching Google to see if anyone else had this type of reaction to the work.

All I found were people reiterating the exact words from the text or workbook and the occasional intellectual treatise on the messages.  There was no FEELING in any of it.  Marianne Williamson was the closest thing I found to someone honestly describing the powerful reverb that occurs from stripping false beliefs and replacing them with truth.  Even her work feels like the Cliff Notes to me.

I wasn’t looking for specifics and details.  I just wanted some reassurance that what was experiencing was normal.  I know it’s tough to quantify “normal.”  I realize everyone’s experience will look different.  But I know I”m not alone.  And I want to offer comfort to anyone doing the work and going through a similar place on the journey.  You are not alone.

Here’s a TLOL Haiku on the matter:

Beware the reverb – From acknowledging truth, it – Can give you whiplash.

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One Response to “Course in Miracles-Reverb”

  1. Staci dear,

    How right you are! You are never alone! You should have called me… my group knows all about the insanity reaction to Course. We deal with it all the time! If you are doing the workbook lessons again this year and would like to be added to my workbook lesson list (with commentary!) just let me know. Congrats on the effort to get through it. The first 60 lessons are, no doubt, the toughest! We still me at New Life at 6pm on Wednesdays if you ever want to stop by!

    Have you read any of Perry’s writings at the Circle of Atonement?

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