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The Law of Attraction

(NOTE:  The word God is used to signify Source, Creator, Higher Power, Jesus Christ, Goddess, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh.  Choose one of these or substitute your own)

With the advent of movies like The Secret, so many people are now familiar with the concept of The Law of Attraction.  Articles on the subject appear regularly on mainstream websites and in daily newspapers.  Unfortunately, the gist of the articles I read is how you can “get” what you “want” through employing this “law.”  By treating the concept like a woo-woo incantation, many seem to believe they can create the lives they want.  Where does this leave God?

Using the Law of Attraction as a shortcut to bliss deprives you of the most valuable and precious gift offered by obeying the law – the serenity of being in the flow – the peace of becoming an open channel, which enables you to give and receive freely with no anxiety, worry or regret.

Engaging the law for selfish desires – even if they appear benevolent on the surface – keeps one stuck on a merry-go-round of hope, constantly chasing “things” when all you really want is peace.


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